Quality Control Department

Jing Yi is constantly updating and upgrading the latest inspection machine. we are capable of inspecting diversified products and guaranteeing the reliability, and furthermore boosting customer satisfaction.

Our laboratory is equipped with:

-In house Leaking test lab

-Coordinate measuring machine

-3D Scanner

-Hand carry Hardness tester

-Roundness measuring instrument

Best Instruments & Best Quality

A professional quality assurance system and comprehensive quality control processes help us execute each stage of product development, from incoming inspection, first work piece inspection, in-process inspection, and finished product shipment inspection and other processes. We get to monitor the production process at any time, which can eliminate and avoid any of the abnormalities that may happen, as well as to enhance the quality awareness of the entire factory staff in order to meet the company's quality policy.

Coordinate Measuring Machine

3D Scanner

Hardness Tester

Roundness Measuring Instrument

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